CamSoda: Adult webcam blog offers 'virtual sex with real models' using VR and love dolls

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CamSoda: Adult webcam blog offers ‘virtual sex with real models’ using VR and love dolls

Adult webcam streaming service CamSoda is embracing love dolls, sex toys and virtual reality (VR) technology to let customers live out their « ultimate sex fantasies ».

The company offers teamed up with a US-headquartered company RealDoll to integrate what is known as teledildonics – essentially, internet-connected sex toys – to offer a simple three-step streaming knowledge dubbed VIRP, or « Virtual Intercourse with Real People ».

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The tech lets CamSoda models remotely ‘connect’ to sex toys used by the customer, who will be able to experience tactile feedback designed to mimic intercourse.

« People possess long speculated as to how the adult industry would seamlessly harness its cutting-edge technology to deliver the ultimate sensory experience, one that mimics real-life interaction and, of course , intercourse, inch said Daryn Parker, VP of CamSoda.

« Our partnership with RealDoll to allow our fans to have VIRP is an absolute game changer. Fans will now be able to connect to their favourite cam designs in real time via live VR while simultaneously feeling the sensations of actual love-making via their RealDoll and teledildonic integration.

« Users will be able to live out their very own ultimate sex fantasies, and quench their immediate desires in an immersive sensory environment that allows them to have genuine sex with virtual partners.  »

According to the streaming service, it’s as simple as picking a CamSoda style, choosing the « connected RealDoll » alternative and then attaching a VR headset. RealDolls are available to get online with a starting cost of $1, 500 (£ 1, 050) for just the torso. The complete doll could cost upwards of $10, 000 in order to includes customisation options.

« We’re excited to function alongside CamSoda to jason derulo in a new era of interconnectedness that many previously thought unattainable,  » said Nick McMullen, founder of RealDoll’s parent company, Abyss Designs.

« With the rollout of VIRP, users will be able to enjoy their RealDoll in an immersive environment that hinges on reality, bringing together the industry’s cutting-edge technologies – RealDolls, teledildonics, virtual reality and camming,  » he added.

CamSoda would not list compatible VR technology but according to The Verge even a cheap Google Cardboard works with the system. Customers definitely will, however , need to own a male masturbatory device known as the « Lovense Max » – priced at 99 dollars – to get the full encounter.

Parker declared roughly 30% of models are equipped with the WiFi-enabled technology as AI-enhanced sex plaything become increasingly popular. One designer told IBTimes UK in 2017 that his making love dolls will soon be produced with a moral code.

As a prominent encounter in the world of adult entertainment, love-making worker Ginger Banks offers endured her share of insults and discrimination: “ When I read comments upon articles about sexual strike happening to sex workers, it breaks my center. Because a lot of the people say, ‘ Well, she’ s i9000 a sex worker. The lady gets f***ed for money. As to why can’ t I get her right now? ’ ”

“ That makes no sense. If you are going to run into a UFC fighter in the street, you’ re not going to hand techinque him in the face and declare, ‘ That’ s your job, ’ right? ”

Following a recent line of deaths by committing suicide and drug overdose between female adult-film actresses, such as the popular performer August Ames, Banks has spoken away about the damaging and discriminatory treatment sex workers in the industry regularly face. The matter, Banks believes, stems from the stigma society places in sex work and the adult industry.

“ There are people who probably value drug dealers, that shoot and kill people, a lot more than they do sex workers, ” she says, “ because making love is so negatively viewed even now by such a large percentage of the state. … There are mothers who have had their children taken away from their store because they are sex workers, there are banks and other institutions which may have shut down sex workers’ accounts. ”

“ We’ re all present people who want to provide for themselves and for their families. ”

In this latest event of “ Unfiltered, ” adult-film actress Ginger Banking companies explains why porn stars need more support for the type of work they do — equally within the industry and in world at large.

The 27-year-old has worked in the intimacy industry for eight years, first finding success like a webcam model and most just lately having filmed a big-budget XXX feature. She was obviously a chemical engineering student when she made the decision to go after webcamming full-time, a choice that shocked her father. “ When my dad found out, he immediately said, ‘ Is definitely someone forcing you to do this? ’ ” she recalls, “ Because it’ s i9000 easier to think of that and accept that, than it is to realize that your independent, intelligent girl decided to go into the sex do the job industry. ”